1. ミラノMilano (+3) Not only overtakes New York but also Rome and Paris.
2. ニューヨークNew York (-1) Knocked out of Top Spot by Milano after a five-year run.
3. パリParis (0) No 1. in our hearts but No. 3 in the media.
4. ローマRome (-2)The Eternal City still reigns strong.
5. ロンドンLondon (0)London remains the laggard of the Fashion Elite.

6. Los Angeles (0)Holding its own at No. 6.
7. 香港Hong Kong (+4)Leaps over Sydney and Tokyo to seize the lead in Asia/Pacific.
8. Sao Paulo (+25)A remarkable rise, now dominating the Latin-American scene.
9. Sydney (-2)Solidly in the Top 10 while Melbourne sinks.
10. Las Vegas (-2)Intense media spotlight ensures a top ranking.

11. ドバイDubai (+1)An unlimited budget continually exceeded.
12. 東京Tokyo (-2)Loses a bit of luster as it slips out of the Top 10.
13. Miami (+13)Driven by its dominance in swimwear.
14. Barcelona (+11)Takes the Iberian spotlight.
15. 上海Shanghai (-2)Now third in the China/Japan rivalry.
16. Mumbai (+6)In neck-and-neck race for primacy on the Subcontinent.
17. New Delhi (+7)Both Delhi and Mumbai break into Top 20.
18. Rio de Janeiro (+12)Comes on strong but Sao Paulo is stronger.
19. Berlin (-10)Hurt by weak showing in the ‘haute’ category.
20. Singapore (-6)Fashion infrastructure strong, but hurt by the economy.

21. Madrid (-6)Barcelona takes the Iberian crown.
22. Moscow (-6)Remains strong as it drops out of the Top 20.
23. Santiago (-6)Now third behind Sao Paulo and Rio in Latin America.
24. Buenos Aires (-4)Strong in new interpretations of classic fashion.
25. Melbourne (-7)Slips out of Top 20 as Sydney strives ahead.
26. Stockholm (-7)Tops in Scandinavia with Copenhagen No. 2.
27. Bangkok (+7)Breaks into the top tier of Asian Fashion.
28. Krakow (-1)Hold an increasingly intriguing niche in Middle Europe.
29. Prague (-1)Strengthening its position as a fashion capitol.
30. Mexico City (Not Listed)